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Arun Mathias

Best hospital in the area, Dr Aparna and Dr Kalyan have done a great job and good support was provided by them. Nurses co-operation was good throughout the process. Housekeeping staff were very helpful.

Sandeep Verma

Very Good hospital,Specially doctor Avinash is excellent in diagnosing the disease,I have experienced multiple times he cures my son with minimum medicine,very good humane being too,Not money minded always gives right consulting.

Sivakumar Ramachandran

I was admitted to the hospital for a week during Oct 2017. Needles to say i recovered fully well under the able care and guidance of Dr.Sateesh Chandra and Dr Avinash. But the whole stay left in me indelible memory of what effect the personalised care and attention can do to your recovery, apart from medication,

Very impressed by the care and professional service of the entire team, the cleanliness of the hospital and general ethics which met more than my expectation as an NRI.

Wish we had more such hospitals in India with such values and service attitude.

Kudos team Abhayahasta!

Sasikala M

It is a very good hospital and nurses are very efficient,they have a lot of patience and caring.we consulted Dr.Sateesh Chandra.he cares for the patients and observes keenly and his treatment was good.

Kapil Dagg

Our experience with the doctors and staff at this hospital has been extremely positive. Our patient's case was a very complicated one. Following a gynaec-onco surgery, the wound had never healed and there were complications like electrolytic imbalances and pus inside the body. We had to plan 2 additional complicated surgeries and in between, a couple of admissions and several rounds of consultations. The first surgery there was a laparotomic anastomosis and jejunectomy. The second was for stoma closure. The admissions in between were for temporary ischemic attack and seizures. During the entire course of treatment that spread over more than 3 months, Dr Kalyan, the surgeon and Dr Sateesh Chandra, the general physician, extended their fullest possible support, both professionally and personally, with transparency and good-will in educating us and taking right decisions. They went beyond their professional boundaries in entertaining our calls and watsapp-messages and took personal interest in connecting with the patient at a psychological level. Most importantly, we could sense that they made good use of all their experience and professional wisdom in making the patient improve, to the extent that, we could bring life back to this nearly terminally ill patient.

The whole nursing staff, from casualty nurses to those in ICU as well as wards, were very sympathetic and prompt and took personal interest and care in our case. We could depend on them, for example, for making our patient walk after surgeries, or talk to her sometimes to keep up her spirits. They understood our small and big needs in things like choice of beds, ICU visits and timings, language difficulties, infrastructure etcl and responded positively. The administrative staff was also cordial and flexible in such things as, for example, payments of dues, coordinating lab tests and mediating our requests for the top management.

Overall, to summarize I must say it was a very personalized care and attention that we got which we lacked in some of the other big hospitals. So much so that, even the intensivist and Anesthesiologist met us several times pre and post surgeries. Amongst some of the shortcomings though, I would recommend the top management to increase their nursing staff, as it is visibly over-burdened, improve their room décor and bedding etc.

In the end, I can only say that far from any incidents of any major lapses or negligence, the whole experience was a god-sent opportunity for us.

Mohit Bharti

Best hospital in the area, Dr Aparna and Dr Kalyan have done a great job and good support was provided by them. Nurses co-operation was good throughout the process. Housekeeping staff were very helpful.

Arun Mathias

My mom underwent a major surgery in Abhiahasta hospital. We had a very good experience, Especially the ICU Staff-Subu George, he took good care of my mother. So dedicated doctors, overall experience was nice. Front office staff was very helpful. For reimbursement formalities also they cooperated well.

Omkara Guptha

Very good hospital in kaggadasapura. My mother undergone a surgery from Dr Kalyan and got discharged in couple of days. Very good healing hands. Good hospitality. Thanks a lot and congratulations to abhayahasta team.

Sushma .R Baby

Very happy to share u all tat I had a very memorable experience in abhayahasta hospital. I am mother of boy baby had normal delivery last month... enjoying the days with new born! A very big thanks to Dr. Aparna for leading to normal delivery. Unlike any other gynaecologist, Doctors and crew so patiently spent a whole night for normal delivery, which is very uncommon these days. I have to remember one more person through out the journey from day one who helped me with all doubts is sister Anusha! who takes care of all new mothers with so young age Thanq sister..,, I take an opportunity to thank all front off staff fr all appointments and at last senior nursing Mam Mrs.Sudhamani her cooperating in labour ward. Pedeatric doctor Dr.Avinash as taken care of baby so well.recommending all mothers to feel the experience wt I had in abhayahasta hospital.

Prasanta Behera

It's a very good hospital. Dr Sateeshchandra is a very good doctor for fever & other diseases. I am very happy with the explanation & he listeins very carefully.

Pankaj Kumar

Abhayahasta Multi-Speciality Hospital is good option for delivery as well. Recently My wife has admitted for delivery under the observation of Dr. Aparna (Gynecologist). I would like to thank all Doctors, sisters & staffs for holding my wife's hand for Normal delivery. A special thanks for Dr.Aparana & Dr. Avinash (Pediatrics). .

Hospital's rooms are well maintained & hygiene environment around common areas. I will recommend this hospital for others.

Amulya Ammu

Always good and superb treatment frm doctors and staffs.best hospital in kaggadasapura

Reshma Putta

I recommend Dr. Aparna (gynaecologist) to all new mothers hoping for normal delivery....

Rohit Mohta

Have consulted the Doctors here a few times and recently my daughter was admitted here for treatment of Dengue. The personal attention of doctors, nurses and admin staff towards the patient's well being is amazing. Full marks to Dr. Avinash and his team.

Savita Bharti

Excellent hospital, my sister was admitted with dengue in final stage and we were all worried about her but all staffs and doctors were very supportive and they provided good care and we are satisfied with the services and medical care.


I would like to acknowledge Dr. Avinash and the entire team for their wonderful service during my Mother’s hospitalization at Abhayahasta Hospital. I am extremely happy to share my experience there. My 81 yr old Mom who was bedridden due to Brain Tumor (4th stage) was hospitalized with many complications and spent her last few days of her life at Abhayahasta.

She was shifted to hospital in a serious condition and the Doctors and nursing staff there were so dedicated and made sure we were comfortable and also informed us well in advance about her condition and the plan of action.

The Doctors and staff, including the house keeping took excellent care of my Mom during her stay there. I am more than happy to say that, unlike many other hospitals, the nursing staff there was very attentive, helpful, sympathetic, caring and knowledgeable. I wholeheartedly appreciate those young and energetic nurses for their sincere and professional approach. To mention a few names of the staff nurses that I am able to recall now, Subu, Aswathy, Anita, Maya, Binil, Joji, Shyni…. They were all very prompt, caring, warm & friendly and always on their toes! Not to forget, even the security at the entrance for his sincere approach at work….They are certainly a great asset to the reputation of the hospital.

I would definitely refer Abhayahasta Hospital for their best service 24/7, Efficient doctors and staff, well maintained and hygienic surroundings. Many thanks to Dr. Avinash for all the support and guidance and for the fabulous person that he is.

Meenu Das

Abhyahasta is a very good hospital.got treatment from Dr.sateeshchandra for me and my brother.he is a very good doctor.listen patient and take care with attention.very good treatment.thank you very much Abhyahasta.

Vijayasankar Ravindran

Very Nice Facilities, I was consulted by Dr.Jyoti Dahiya who was so kind and caring. I was having some symptoms of Dengue, which she explained clearly which provided me confidence.

Great Doctors make the Hospital Great

Sumitra niyogi

Last month I was admitted in this hospital for my delivery under Dr. Aparna and I was blessed with a baby girl. We had a very good experience with this hospital. I was really very lucky to had a doctor like Aparna. She isnot only a good Doctor but also a very humble and good human being. She is very caring and supportive. The nurses are also very good andthey were always ready to take care of my baby. This hospital is very neat and clean. My baby was under care of Dr.Avinash.He is also very caring and competent Doctor. Last I like to give special thanks to all sisters specially sister Maya, sister yashodhara sister gouri who helped me during those 4 days to look after my baby.Thank you to all members and staff of this hospital.

Chinar Desai

My sister was admitted as she was expecting a baby , Doctors , nurses & all the staff members were very helpful , special thanks to Dr. Aparna & Dr. Avinash they explained each and every process very well to my sister and also gave proper attention to her and her new born baby. Definitely a recommended hospital.

Palani Shah

Abhayahastha, one of the best hospital in bangalore having excellent doctors, staff and facilities. I had a normal delivery few weeks back, Dr. Aparna, one of the finest doctor there insisted me to have a normal delivery and everything went well under her guidance. Also Dr. Avinash supported a lot by giving proper attention to my baby. Highly recommended hospital. Thank you for all your support.

Mugdha Kulkarni

We had a very great experience with Abhay hasta hospital. My son was diagnosed with dengue in a very early stage and was given proper treatment by Dr Avinash. The staff is very kind and attend the patient with patience. This is the best hospital for all the residents in kaggdaspura. No need to seek any doctor or hospital out of kaggdaspura.

Manjula Gururaj

Good hospital in terms of service from Nursing care, doctors treatment, etc. I recommend especially Dr. Avinash for kids, very good Paediatrician.

Avradeeta Kar

Best hospital in the locality. Patient friendly and efficient doctors and staffs. 24hrs facility along with good hygiene maintained all over the hospital. @Dr.Avinash is doing great treatment for the kids. I would like to recommend this hospital to you all


Good experience from Abhayahasta like name. Getting 24 hours care and protection from the loving team. Especially a Big salute to Dr.Aparna Madam for treating and caring my wife. Special Thanks to all Mallu team and especially Mrs.Angel Nisha Robin. About Facility.
1) Clean and peaceful atmosphere.
2) keeping the promise of multi speciality.
3) Excellent staff behavior and care.
Thanks for caring us as a family.

Dhanush Kumar . K

A good hospital with all facilities. They don't make you extend your stay like in other hospitals. Rooms are maintained and clean. Recommended..;)

Shyamali Roy

Hi guys, you people are doing a great job. All the doctors n staffs are very efficient and helpful. Specially Dr.Aparna thank you for ur support.

Ramamoorthy G S

Immediate attention by the doctors. Superb nursing care. Clean surroundings. Good location.

Sreena Sahu

Very nice dedicated doctors, good services, very hygienic all over the hospital, we can take kids safe into this hospital, I recommend for your children as well as for all .........

Saitheja Sai

DR SATEESH CHANDRA VERY GOOD DOCTOR AND very good hospital everyone in kaggadasapura should go .